Can’t Get Started?

by maureen on February 25, 2013

Time to get off the potIf you’ve been dabbling with blogging or maybe just thinking about blogging and you have this voice in your head that says, “You don’t know enough to blog about _____”, listen to me.  You know enough.  You don’t need to be an expert at anything to have an opinion and really, that’s what blogging is all about.

If you were an expert you’d write a textbook.  We’re talking blogging here and what people want to know is what YOU think about things.  I start new blogs from time to time and I’ve got no certification on most of them.  Do I care?  Absolutely not.

Let me boost your confidence.  You ALREADY know enough about something you love or enjoy to create a blog about it.

People visit my blogs because they know I’m passionate about what I write about.  It comes through every word that falls off my fingers so why wouldn’t they want to follow me?  It can be the same for you too.

Once you find even one person who feels the same way you do, you’re on a roll.  You’ve got a beginning to grow on and you’re part of something new.  Who knows where it will end but it can only start once you put words on the screen.

Get Started Already!

Nobody is going to walk back and forth in front of your house waiting for you to start something and they aren’t going to ring you up on the phone to ask when it’s going to happen.  YOU have to start *something* before others can join you.

So what’s first?

  1. Read lots of blogs about topics that interest you.  Choose a topic you’re passionate about because it will be easy to stick with it.
  2. Once you’ve decided on the niche for you get  your own domain name.  Sure, free websites like Blogger exist but nobody is going to take you seriously.  Get a good domain name and build your brand.  Make it unique and make it the .com.  (Tip:  type the potential domain and if it’s tricky to type – choose another one) (Tip2: Check for copyright on it before you buy your domain name)
  3. Get a webhosting account with WordPress installed.  There are good providers everywhere.  Even GoDaddy has a promotion now for only $2.99 a month and it includes the domain name registration.  You can get your branding started for less than $36.
  4. You can choose a free theme, adapt one for yourself, buy a premium theme or pay someone to create one for you.  Any of these options will do but the layout, look and feel of your site is important to set the tone of your site.
  5. Write down 10 or 15 topics you think you could write about and then decide the order you want to publish them and start writing.  A good blog post is anywhere between 300 and 500 words.  That’s not a lot once you get going.
  6. Start writing and let the words flow – you’ll edit later.  Write while the words flow from your brain to your fingers and you’ll go back later and take out all the words that aren’t necessary to get your point across.
  7. Now you have a blog.  Time to start telling people about it.  Join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, blogger forums and introduce yourself and describe what your blog is about.  Post a link to your newest blog post.
  8. Answer every comment and visit every commenter’s blog if you can and return the favour.
  9. POST OFTEN.  The more you post the stronger your community will become.

What’s next?

Soon we’ll talk about how you can turn your blog into a profitable venture.  Even a little extra money coming in every month would be helpful for most of us.


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