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by maureen on February 18, 2013

blogAll bloggers should strive to make their posts read like someone is sitting across the table from you.  Writing like you talk makes you more conversational and more engaging and much more likely to return.

Ever been to a blog and it felt like they were talking to a faceless crowd?  or worse, a lecture?  These blogs might be okay to do research at but you wouldn’t add them to your favourites and you surely wouldn’t share their content unless you edited it.  That’s NOT how you want to blog.

Blog With a Smile

I know, I know, it sounds hokey but seriously, if you try to write a blog post when you’re in a crappy mood, it’s going to pass right through your fingers on to your blog.  So commit to writing when you’re in a positive, helpful mood and you won’t sound like Mr. or Ms. Crankypants.  Your readers will know in an instant if you sound like you enjoy being with them and really, that’s what it’s all about.  Your writing should read like you enjoy sharing what you know.

Spelling and Punctuation

This is your chance to stand out.  Yes, spelling and punctuation is really important but it’s not more important than the way you talk.  If you always say “yeah” instead of “yes” then I suggest that’s how you write it.  One small caveat though — if you want others to share your content, your quirkiness only goes so far so keep that in mind.

Keep it Conversational

People don’t always talk in complete sentences and they often don’t follow certain grammatical rules.  How many times have you started a sentence with the word And?  or But?  I bet you’d never consider starting a sentence with either one.  I tried it once and it nearly did my head in but I do talk that way.


The number of blogs I read every week where I’m convinced that the writer hasn’t bothered to proof-read drives me nuts.  Honestly.  Why spend all that time composing in your head and writing good content only to stop 90% of the way there?  It should only take an extra 5 minutes to read a blog post and then you’ll know exactly what your readers will see on your blog.  Remember that your words will live a lifetime on the net.


The more you blog the better you’ll get.  For instance, go to your 2nd blog post and read it again and then look at  your most recent post and look how far you’ve come.


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