Change Your WordPress Permalink Structure

by maureen on February 20, 2013

Your blog has many posts and pages and each one is a specific destination on your site, but how does a viewer pass on just one to their friends or followers?  Enter the permalink or permanent link to a particular web page.

The permalink for this post is found just under the headline / subject line in my WordPress admin post.


This is the link that you would give to anyone so they can read this individual post.  The reason it’s important is there are several ways to structure a permalink and the default is frankly, pretty crap.

The WordPress default for this post’s permalink would be:


Sadly, that link isn’t going to tell Google (or anyone else) what that post is about.  Click on the Settings link in the left sidebar on your WordPress admin and then click on Permalinks and change it to Post name by clicking the little radio button on the left and then click save changes.

Nothing irks me more than going to a blog and seeing the default web address URL instead of  Seriously, why miss out on relevant keywords in your URL?

If Google came to this site and they saw ?p=156 , will they instantly know what this post is  all about?  I suspect not.  Yes, they’ll spider (read) the site and they’ll make a decision on what it is but if this post link had the title in it, wouldn’t it be even more search engine friendly?

How to change WordPress permalinks

It’s easy to change the link structure so don’t wait one more minute.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and under the Settings section, click Permalinks.  You’ll need to change from the default setting to the Post Name structure and you do that by clicking the radio button to the left of Post name.   That’s all there is to it.



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