How soon should I add advertising?

When you have enough blog traffic (visitors) to see it.  Until then, keep working on creating really good content that people will want to read.



What a waste of time that is.  People will see right through the stolen content and you’ll never grow  your blog.  If you’re serious about blogging, then blog.  Write your own story.


A blogroll is a list of other blogs that you like and you want to share with your readers.  Share your favorites and if you want to link with a lot of blogs, create a separate page.  8-10 blogs on a blogroll is plenty.  I’ve seen blogs with 50 on the blogroll and it just looks odd.

Does it cost a lot to have a blog?

No, anyone with an internet connection can have a blog.  If you’re serious about a blog, a self-hosted WordPress blog is the way to go.  Small web hosting accounts are less than $10 a month.  WordPress software is free.

How often should I post?

Everyone is different and so are our reasons to blog.  From a practical point, how much time do you have?  A news blog would be updated several times a day but most of us don’t own news blogs.

If you can post every day, that’s wonderful.  The minimum should be once a week.  Any less than that and you’re playing at it.

What about animated .gifs

We don’t recommend anything that flashes, twirls, hums or sings.  These gimmicks distract the reader from what you’re trying to sell or present.


What size font should I use?

Don’t make the people squint, especially if your blog attracts older readers.  We suggest a 12 to 14 point font size.  While I’m at it, PLEASE don’t use red text?  It’s incredibly hard to read after the first minute or so and you’ll piss people off.


How do I check my blog’s load time?

Go to and see how you’re doing then compare yourself to others in your niche and if you get lower than a B, your blog needs help.


What are must-have plugins for WordPress bloggers

Another question where the answer can’t fit all blogs.  I’ve got a food blog so I’d never post without EasyRecipe Plugin to format my recipes and allow my readers to print them out.  It would be useless for an e-commerce blog.

Join a blogging forum in your niche and ask what they use.  Test them out but don’t fill your blog with plugins because each one will slow the load time of your blog and Google likes a fast-loading blog.

Your blog has many posts and pages and each one is a specific destination on your site, but how does a viewer pass on just one to their friends or followers?  Enter the permalink or permanent link to a particular web page.

The permalink for this post is found just under the headline / subject line in my WordPress admin post.


This is the link that you would give to anyone so they can read this individual post.  The reason it’s important is there are several ways to structure a permalink and the default is frankly, pretty crap.

The WordPress default for this post’s permalink would be:


Sadly, that link isn’t going to tell Google (or anyone else) what that post is about.  Click on the Settings link in the left sidebar on your WordPress admin and then click on Permalinks and change it to Post name by clicking the little radio button on the left and then click save changes.

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