Alongside my husband John who’s been a programmer all his life, we’ve been working full time on the web since 1995.  Because of our knowledge and experience there are several services we can offer to help you get your blog off the ground.

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What’s a Blog?

The word blog comes from a combination of web log and blogs were originally web journals or diaries but they’ve come a long, long way since the early days.  Now a blog is a website that’s easy to manage.  No more having to learn HTML or use Dreamweaver and change your page and then transfer your update to your server.

If you need a website and are thinking,” I don’t want a blog,” you’re doing it wrong.  Yes, the platform is called a blog but it creates a very versatile website that you can use to sell any service or product you choose.

How Much Does a Website or Blog Cost to Create?

You get what you pay for.  There are providers who’ll promise you the world for only $250 and it takes forever and looks like something a 4th grader could put together.  Yes, you’re on the net but not proudly so.

We  charge $495 for a 6-page basic website or blog with a unique design.  All you’ll need to provide for this price is a domain name and a web server.  If you need that too, we can get that set up for you as well for an additional fee.