Which WordPress Theme to Use?

by maureen on February 10, 2013

Which WordPress Theme Do I Use?I’d be rich if I got a dollar for every time I’ve heard that question.  There are so many free themes out there, but should you use one?  It all depends.

Free WordPress Themes

With free themes, you often get what you pay for.  The theme developer might be untrained, might not use proper coding and you might end up with a theme that won’t work with most any plugin and by then you’ve had all sorts of time invested for nothing.

While I don’t always shy away from anything free, unless all you want to do is share your family’s happy snaps with Aunt Mildred, get a good theme.  You will thank me in the end when you try to modify your blog or add the snappy new plugin that everyone is raving about and it works like a dream.

Premium WordPress Themes

This blog uses Thesis as its theme and it’s so easy I can configure it myself.  I decided how big I wanted the sidebars, where I wanted them, what color and size I wanted the text and I did it all in less than 3 hours.  It’s not the first blog I’ve done so your timing might be more but I taught myself and you can too.

Genesis is another good theme and it’s very popular.  Problogger.net uses Genesis.

Professional Blog Design

Many people get their blogs professionally designed and that’s wonderful if you can afford it but I urge you, even if you have that done, learn how your blog works.  Know how to add links, social media buttons, add banners, permalinks structure, askismet for spam comments and other bits and pieces of your blog that make it work.

I met with a woman today who had her blog done by a commercial designer and it looks really good but the poor woman had no idea how to add her profile, had no idea how to add links or how to enter a link inside a blog post.  Now I know it’s not a designer’s place to teach someone how to blog but she was told, “It’s so easy a child can do it, just go home and start writing.”

She did and then started to cry.  She’s over 65 and was convinced that she was doing it all wrong and wasn’t smart enough to blog.  Within 2 hours she was up and running and happy as could be.  She’s going to take over the world.  (or at least a small part of it)


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